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Somewhere In Time

~Whispers In The Dark~

28 February 1985
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Looking for the mask
to hide behinde
My Life

First fact: I was born Febuary 1985 in the small town of Solingen (very famous for the knifes), Germany.

Seconds fact: I am that what others would call a 'geek' or 'nerd'. And guess what: I'm proud of it! Being 'normal' is easy.

Third fact: I'm absolutly crazy about books/novels. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi.

Fourth fact: In my free time I either write fanfiction, stories and poems. You can read them all at neun_kelche. Or I try to use Photoshop. Feedback is always love!

Movie & TV Geek

Star Wars: Back in 1997, a school friend showed me the first movies and it was love at first sight. All of these space ships, the lightsabers, the space battles ... you know what I mean.
14 years later I had the chance to join the 501st Legion German Garrison. I know, I'm a bit small for a Stormtrooper, that's the reason for my nickname 'Shorty'. I'm IC/TS-8587.

The Avengers Assemble: Never had that much fun playing with a fandom since Stargate Atlantis! Love Hawkeye, Black Widow... damn it, I love the hole team!

Lord of the Rings: I read the novels, I really do. When the first movie came out I just thought "Oh no, they can't do it!" So I haven't seen the first movie in cinema, I waited for the DVD. I don't have to say, that I watched the other movies in cinema. Gorgeous! A year after 'The Return of the King' I watched all three Special Edition movies in cinema as well.

Game of Thrones: I know, that isn't a movie - but it should be!

The Walking Dead: Don't know the graphic novels but that's not a problem at all. I still hope Daryl won't die!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: It's all Joss Whedons fault ^^ FitzSimmons forever!

Defiance I don't know the game but I love the series. Hope for more seasons!
Music Soul

Music is important to me!
Most of the time I listen to Heavy Metal, like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and so on. But I also listen to music like Immediate Music, In Extremo, Bon Jovi (but the older songs) and Clannad.
I just can't live without music!
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